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Sora Choi Tits for W Korea of the Day


Sora Choi reminds me that I’ve never banged an Asian…

More importantly, that I never post Asian content…And that is just stupid, Asia is a huge market, and if I was able to get relevant there, you know as the premiere Asian titty blog about irrelevant girls I don’t care about, maybe I’d make it in Asia…

I could be the K-Pop blog of the fucking future…and I could get rich off it…but instead I’ll just look at CHOI’s tits for fashion and imagine being on the Billboards, infomercials and every low level ad in the country like a failed American actor, the Asians love our table scraps and I am table scraps…eat me…Sora Choi…eat me good…like I was the last egg roll at the americanized Chinese restaurant…cuz i know you like Egg Rolls…or is it rice…either way – nice fashion tits.

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