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DJ AM Benefit Concert Speech of the Day

Here’s a little video of DJ AM giving a speech at his benefit concert that was thrown from him in LA at a bar called Avalon. I know that throwing a benefit concert or a dude who has already won the fucking lottery is like buying your retarded kid a birthday present, even though you know he won’t remember it, or like trying to infect someone you hate with HIV when they’ve already got it. Shit’s redundant and makes no sense to me and seeing this cocksucker thank people for coming out just reminds me how he’s milking this whole plane crash thing, leading me to believe he may have been the one who specifically asked for faulty tires or some shit to remind people he’s still around, since he’s already milked those celebrity cows like Mandy Moore and Nicole Richie and the whole dating celebrity thing is done did.

Either way, his speech is really heartfelt for an asshole with no soul. I like how his rich white, Jewish life hasn’t made him lose his hood swagger, you know talking like he’s all fucking hip hop because as a geeky kid no one spoke to, he had a lot of time to develop this talk especially considering all he would do is listen to Hip Hop all the time because it didn’t judge him, so when he wasn’t trying to DJ or Emotionally eating when he was 14, he was hanging with his imaginary friend who was black and gangster and from the hood and who owned a gun and would protect little AM when he had to take the garbage out at night, or when he was in the park playing on the swings and the big Jewish bullies from the neighborhood would start to bully him by issuing lawyers letters to him, which as you all know is the worst kind of Jewish bullying around…..

Maybe it just comes out when he’s nervous, you know talking to a big room of people can be intimidating, but not if you turn on Super Hip Hop AM, because I have a friend who starts speaking really loud with a British accent like he’s a General in World War II to get out of the situation and it usually works out alright for him….

The truth is that you’d feel nervous and guilty too if you were in his position, you know with everyone feeling sorry for you and throwing benefit concerts for you, when you know that you are heading back to work today as Jay Z’s DJ on the Jay Z tour, making more money than ever, being more high profile than ever, pretty much living out your fucking dream, because Jay Z is hip hop and now DJ AM is by association, he’s made it out of the birthday parties and the bar mitzvah’s sea of Top 40 songs from the last 20 years and and followed his dream like his Rabbi always told him, all while people around the world feel sorry for him cuz he has a burn, a couple skin grafts and had to take 3 weeks off to recover.

I guess it’s posts like these that are part of the reason DJ AM has told people I know that he hates this site with a passion, but I am doing my thing, just like he’s doing his thing, and despite my thing not being recognized by the public as something of value like playing in bars for drunk people and making lots of money doing it, then working for someone who is actually a talent in the music industry and making lots of money doing it, while my thing just annoys people and makes them look for an email address they can contact put a stop to me and turn off this noise that is polluting their computers and the only recognition it gets is making every Joe-Sixpack and Soccer Mom’s hate me and want me dead, all while making no money at it, it’s still my thing…my really depressing thing…Fo’ Real….

Update – Here’s a VIdeo of DJ AM Walking into his Benefit Concert

Update 2 – Here’s Hilary Duff Leaving to His Benefit Concert Because it Was That Bad

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