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Spitzer’s Whore was on Girls Gone Wild of the Day

Ashley Alexandra Dupré was a Girls Gone Wild Girl – It’s Spring Break 2005: anything goes a few years ago. If you’ve never seen Girls Gone Wild, you’d realize that it’s not a far cry from sucking rich jew dick for 1000 dollars an hour. It’s actually the pre-requisite because Joe Francis likes to take his staff on test rides before giving them the opportunity of a lifetime, or at least that’s his manipulative line because false promises of fame gets pussy wet.

What GGW does is along with giving 18 year old American’s on Spring Break in Mexico an insane amount of booze so they make out with their friends or flash their tits, only for their dads to find out and be ashamed of when watching late night infomercials, is interlace that party footage with shit set up with real pornstars/escorts that involves being in the hotel room and having a lesbian shower, shave and shit without the actually shitting because that’s not really his market, but it is mine….Either way, it turns out Ashley Alexandra Dupre was that hired girl who ended up dyking out on camera.

The truth is that she’s just a girl with a dream, doing whatever it takes to get to the top and Girls Gone Wild didn’t work for her but was accessible, so she hit the next opportunity to use her pussy to get her where she wants to be. This scandal has put her name on the map and the reality is that most girls use their pussies to get ahead anyway, because that’s the kind of cruel world we live in. I’d like to survey every famous singer, actress and model to see if they ever fucked to get something they wanted, hell, I’d like to survey every woman in the world to see if they’ve ever fucked a dude to get something they wanted. Just because you do it behind closed doors doesn’t mean you’re not a whore, sweetheart….

Either way, I hear Paris and Kardashian like this bitches style, they can related and want to trade secrets on taking loads in their cunts without getting pregnant. It really is a talent!


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Close to 5,000,000 People Have Listened to Her Song…Proving Sex Scandals Are Good Marketing…I Need a Drunkenstepfather Sex Tape To Put Me on the Map

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