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Jaoquin Phoenix Has a Stage Fight in Miami of the Day

I got this video from Ashton Kutcher’s twitter, because motherfucker is in the know, and the next Perez, while I am not. I am posting it because this is the kind of comedy I really appreciate. You know the shit you don’t know whether it is real or staged and pretty much fucks with the public and only funny to the people involved while onlookers are thinkin’ what the fuck’s going on here, unless they are clever enough to realize the guy he is fighting is a paid actor and all part of the prank. It’s good planning, good execution, and this kind of shit is so much better than some stand up comedy act. I’ve always wanted to stage stunts like this, I am just fucking lazy, so instead of hating on everything all the time, I’m starting my day with this because it is something I actually dig.

Here’s the source if you care…

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