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Star Jones Shows Off Some Disgusting Tit of the Day

Here’s a Lookin’ Good Sweetheart, Star Jones Edition, but she’s actually looking good if you take a minute to remember what disgusting monster she looked like back when she was on The View before they hired Sheri Shephard to play her on The View or what I like to call the show that made my life worth living…and the whole thing leaves me in a weird position cuz she’s disgusting for the average observer, but lookin’ good to her friends, family and to guys who fucked her back when she was relevant and before the stomach stapling surgery…all I know is that her name has been a constant in my life and figure she deserves some titty attention for the jokes I’ve made about her when trying to destroy my wife emotionally…so here she is showing off her tits….

Pics via Bauer

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