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Amy Winehouse and Her Star of David of the Day

Here is Amy Winehouse showing the world that she’s Jewish by rockin’ a Star of David, I figured that she already did a good job letting us all know that she was Jewish by walking around with her droopy, big nosed, Jewish Face.

I think its a little too late for Amy Winehouse to get in touch with her Jewish roots for salvation, because from what I’ve been told, being Jewish is really only good for making money, and getting blowjobs in summer camp and the only thing it is going to do for her is give her a couple extra months, and only if some kind of Jewish guilt cloud hangs over her head making her stop using drugs, but the damage is done and I hear crack has more pull than Moses or whoever the fuck the Jews see as their God, and she’s pretty much already going to hell, even though Jews don’t have a hell, so at this point it’ll do as much for her as that time I rocked a Mercedes hood ornament around my neck in hopes of making chicks thing I had so much money that I didn’t mind ripping off my hood ornaments, cuz I’d just buy myself a new one, which wasn’t very much good, because it didn’t work as magically as I hoped it would.

The good news is that she’s showing some nipple, and nipple, even on a crackhead is still nipple, so enjoy.

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