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Is This the Next Miley of the Day

Her name is Stefanie Scott, she’s 14, you fucking perverts….

The reason I am posting the pictures is because she was at some movie premiere in a strapless red dress, I didn’t recognize her name and I didn’t look close enough to the picture, but I figured she was in her 20s and that I’d give her some exposure, cuz I am always down for new bitches to post pictures of, it wasn’t until I uploaded the pictures that I realized she was a fucking kid playing dress up, and now I can only assume she’s the next Miley Cyrus…The apple in your pervert eye, or rather, the cherry. Ready to take her sexuality to new places before her 18th birthday….Not that anyone’s a virgin anymore…

What it comes down to is that it honestly amazes me why dudes are into teenage girls. They are kids, they aren’t fuck dolls, they don’t even exude sexuality, unless you are into taking advantage, even if they look like Jon Benet, just the other day I saw a 14 year old and her mom, and I could see she was gonna grow up to be a fucking bombshell, but I couldn’t see past her acne, her little boy ass, and all the other things that made her 14….

Maybe it’s your 1800 instincts comin in, cuz when bitches got their period they got sold off, but life expectency was 30….

I guess what it comes down to is that I’m not the pervert I once was….

But luckily that all changes when she turns 16, but 16 is legal, you just can’t document it.

Here are her pics.

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