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Steffy Argelich Nude for Vogue Spain of the DAy

Steffy Argelich is a very important and relevant model that I’ve never heard of, that you’ve probably never heard of, unless you are googling her and I’m the only thing that’s come up, because I am a master of the internet, and because no one else is posting on her….

But you can tell, she’s important because she’s in Vogue Spain. Vogue, a dream of so many other girls who grew up thinking all the best models got in there. You know a legitimate media outlet that isn’t a porn mag…

She’s strategically naked, which puts her on the map for me, whether in Vogue, repped by a real agency, or not, spread pussy or not, I’ll always appreciate nudity…but then again, I guess this isn’t nudity at all.

We’ve been scammed.

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