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Support OhMiBod’s Indiegogo of the Day

You may be familiar with my friends over at OhMiBod. A few years ago they created a vibrator that plugged into your iPod and vibrated to the beat of the music. I met them early on at the AVN expo in Vegas. Probably 7 years ago.

It turns out that their innovation didn’t end there. They are now working on a remote app that works on your smartphone for their vibrators. The concept is that people can use their phones to control their “partner” or some “random girl they met on instagram who lives in another city’s” orgasm…while you watch on Skype or FaceTime.

I am not sure one person should have that much power…but as a professional sexter, since I hate actual human iteraction, it sounds pretty awesome to me.

They are doing an IndieGOGO campaign that I’ve been supporting, it is to help finance the awesome product…that I truly feel is needed in this futuristic, global economy, fast paced, internet dating, masturbation and porn filled, accessible sex everywhere, it’s hard not to cheat, world that we live in…

This is not to support a company producing product. It is supporting the future of humanity…

So Support Good People Doing Good Things for the Improvement of Human Sexuality…The Campaign is only on for one more week – and if you do support you will get a discount on the new amazing product when it launches…Be part of something!
Make a contribution to the OhMiBod Indiegogo Campaign by visiting the campaign page here

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Help Save Baxter the Dog of the Day

I got this very very important email…for a very very sexy girl on my very very irrelevant Facebook…

A couple months ago my friends’ dog Baxter ruptured a disk in his back leaving his back legs paralyized. Even after his back surgery the poor pup can’t even take a piss without my pals’ having to put a cathater in his dick to eliminate for him, and his poop just goes wherever.

After going into crazy debt, Baxter the dog got his wheels, and he’s scooting around like a pimp! Only two weeks ago he was rubbing his hind quarters raw trying to drag his ass around, and now we are noticing him kicking. Only a little bit, but it looks intentional.
Without a doubt with the proper therapy we’ll see him walk on his own again.
He’s only 3 years old. Cutest thing in the world. Thank you so much for spreading the word.

Now if you know me, then you will know that I think dogs are people too.

They possess the personality traits people like to think they have, like loyalty, and unconditional love, and all the other good stuff they’ve got from evolving into us as our friends and partners, while we’ve all just fallen into a self-involved dark place.

So I will always do what I can to help a dog friend out…and that’s why I encourage you to contribute to Baxter’s cause…


Here’s a video of him…being all handicap able and cute…


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Alt Model Recuses a Stray Dog in LA of the Day

Dogs are people too….

I loved this video of alt model Victoria Van Violence who I’ve never heard of, but who I like, and not because of her look, since I hate ALT models and everything they represent, with their shitty tattoos and “not a real model” looks…but when they save cute, scared, lonely, homeless dogs…they become fucking heroes…and deserve for you to stare at their attention seeking tits…

If this doesn’t inspire you, or massage your soul…you are probably the fucking devil..

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Seth Rogan on Alzheimer’s Research of the Day

I may not really like Seth Rogan’s voice, or his comedy….but you gotta respect a dude who uses his celebrity to address a real issue that affects his wife and his mother in law suffering from Alzheimer’s….by this opening statement before a Senate hearing on Alzheimer’s Research….It’s pretty good to see people do things for a real cause, even with bad comedy, even if it is self involved and motivated…and he is only doing it because it affects him directly…but really at least hes’ doing it.

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King Mabel aka Nelson Frazier’s Family Needs Your Help of the Day

Wrestler King Mabel from the WWF and WWE died a few days ago of a heart attack at 43…

Despite popular belief, being on TV, especially in something like wrestling, doesn’t necessarily make you rich.

The guys who own the WWE / WWF are the ones making the money on ticket sales, broadcast rights, merchandise, and even off the wrestler’s brand names, and other bookings…

Leaving the guy in the ring, for the most part almost exploited after expenses, just getting paid a day rate of let’s say 1000 dollars, where part of it goes to god knows who has their hand in their pocket, which when you’re working may seem awesome, but when you have to carry that out for the rest of your life, even when short lived, you end up broke…

That’s why his family is reaching out to their friends to help raise money for his funeral, and since I was approached by one of his friends, who I know is legit, I figured I would post the story, and leave it up to you as to whether you want to donate to help

The paypal address is evilworm13@gmail.com so go to your paypal and send money to that address…it may require work, but it’s supposed to be helping bury someone who may or may not have brought you entertainment growing up…even though I think wrestling is totally homo.

I am not officially involved in this Charity or paypal, and I know people are con artists out there, however, I do know the guy behind this paypal address and I know he will send it to the right place….which is directly to King Mabel’s widow. So you will be helping the cause.

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Help Save Cupid on Valentine’s Day of the Day

I got this email:

My friend Kris Kelly, who runs a nonprofit animal rescue got a call about a dog that refused to leave the street corner where he had been dumped 6 weeks earlier…..

He was laying on the  corner all day, everyday for the entire 6 weeks. Neighbors  were leaving bits of food and water, but he wouldn’t budge…..

So I went there with a big bag of meatballs some blankets, and a leash, with two other women.

We talked him down and calmed him and held him for 2 hours and finally got him into a car, and now he is being cared for and hopefully adopted by a rescue…

But they are very broke….they need help through donations to pay for his care.

Anyone who reads the site, yes I am talking to you, one dude who reads the site, knows I love dogs more than people, because dogs possess the qualities people are supposed to possess, it’s like they have evolved with us and kept all our good traits. They are loyal, sweet, amazing…and well they don’t talk back….

So when I hear a devastating story of an asshole fucking a dog over…and nice people who save them, I get involved and suggest you do too.

Not to mention Kris Kelly is a total babe

Send money via paypal to Info@thekriskellyfoundation.org.

Send money via paypal to Info@thekriskellyfoundation.org.

Or visit her site for more info thekriskellyfoundation.org

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Save Princess’ Leg is the stepCHARITY of the Day

I have a stepCHARITY request from friend of the site Jennifer….regarding her neighbor’s injured dog.

If you know anything about this site, I love dogs and I do whatever I can to help them. Sure pugs are my dog of choice, but I don’t discriminate.

Here’s Princess’ Story:

Princess was left outside during the July 4th fireworks while her owners went out. When they came home, she had jumped a 7ft fence in fear from the noise. She was found days later, 5 miles away.

While crossing a highway, she was hit by a car. She survived, but her leg is shattered and she will need an amputation.

Her owners do not want to spend any money on her so decided instead that they would euthanize her.

Jennifer, the hero in this story, who during the days Princess went missing, spent hours and hours looking for her. Posting missing posters everywhere, while Princess’ owners weren’t doing anything, is doing everything in her power to save Princess’ life.

Princess is not even her dog, but she does not want tolet this happen to an otherwise perfectly healthy dog!

So has already found a foster home for Princess and is now trying to raise the money needed for the surgery which will cost over $ 1,000.

Unfortunately, Jennifer, the hero, can’t cover the costs alone, but she’s already done so much to help Princess, that I think we should help her in her quest.

So please, if you have even a few bucks to spare in your PayPal account, any donation amount would be greatly appreciated!

The paypal email address is wolfe@tamanagement.com or you can just CLICK HERE


The good news is, it isn’t too late to fix her leg, since her bone was shattered where our shins are, the surgeon would have to remove the smaller fragments of bone but he believes the bigger ones can and will be tied back together by wire. The metal plate would reinforce all of it. Bionic puppy!
The bad news, the surgery would cost 3500$

This surgery needs to happen NOW, before her bones start fusing back together. If thats becomes the case, the surgeon would have to break her leg again and there would be a strong possibility her bone wouldnt heal as well

So basically, Jennifer is trying her hardest to save a beautiful dog with shitty parents, and I firmly believe that we can all come together on this one and give Princess a new life, a better life, with people who will take care of her the way she needs to be taken care of.

It means a lot to me, and to Jennifer, and most importantly to Princess.

So if you can help CLICK HERE and give what you can.

If we raise more than the 1,000 dollars for Princess, Jennifer has agreed to donate it to the Montreal SPCA, which is one of DrunkenStepfather.com’s charities…so no matter what your money is going to a good place.

Help save Princess. Do your part. You are a hero…and remember telling a girl how you helped save a dog will probably get you anal….or maybe even on the first date…so do it up…

You can Donate to me – and I’ll send it off to her…if clicking Donate Buttons are Easier for you…


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