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Shayne Lamas is a Useless Trash Whore of the Day

When I saw pictures of this chick, I assumed she was the new wife to Shauna Sand’s ex husband Lorenzo Lamas and I was going to make a joke about how fucked Shauna Sand’s kids are going to be, like shit is a fucking social experiment to see how wholesome a girl can become when raised by two fucking whores, but after a quick google search, my questions were answered, because it turns out this bitch is only 24 and is the daughter of Lorenzo Lamas, meaning she was raised by Shauna Sand as her stepmother and it all makes so much fuckin’ sense to me. She’s how wholesome a Shauna Sand kid becomes and the whole thing is pretty fucking funny to me.
Yes, I talk about Shauna Sand too much. It’s an unhealthy obsession….

Pics via INF

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