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Guess the Bikini Ass of the Day

Here’s the challenge – Guess who this ass belongs to and how old the ass is.

The prize – there is no fucking prizeā€¦unless you’re a babe or Cora Keegan, in which case I’ll cum inside you as long as you’re not on birth control or a dude…

The rules – there are no fucking rules, because I hate games, it is Elizabeth Hurley and her ass is probably pushing 70 by now, but that ass doesn’t look a day over 40, which happens to be a day under I’m still willing to human centipede that shit, I’m talking sew my mouth to it, and let me die a happy man, because it’s pretty gloriousā€¦

To see the rest of the pica FOLLOW THIS LINK

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Guess the Vagina Definition of the Day

Here’s a new game at DrunkenStepfather.com I like to call – Guess the Vagina Definition.

You’ve probably already seen these pics, and you probably already know what circus freak this belongs to…but I’m playing this game anyway….even though I hate games…because I got nothing else to do…

Answer – After the Jump –


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