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Man of Steel XXX Giveaway of the Day

Here’s a SFW Clip from MAN OF STEEL XXX, If you prefer your XXX to be more XXX, FOLLOW THIS LINK for an exclusive hardcore clip…..

In keeping up with porn parodies of all things pop culture….The good people at Vivid and award winning porn director Axel Braun have put together this pretty big budget, awesome storyline porn version of Man of Steel, with the appropriately titled MAN OF STEEL XXX.

Here’s the trailer:

I am not into porn, which I know, sounds totally insane considering half of the Christians in America who have landed on this site think I am porn, but I just can’t handle produced garbage…it’s all the fucking same…so unless it is amateur, celebrity , or big budget, big storyline like this….it’s not worth my time….Man of Steel XXX is worth my time…and I’m not even a virgin fan boy, so I can’t imagine how many times you’ve cummed yourself already to this…

The good news for you, is that you can cum to it as many times as you want because I am running a Man of Steel XXX giveaway for the next 5 days…a winner will be chosen each day…chosen at random….to get a Man of Steel XXX DVD and 2-sided posted signed by Axel Braun…how could you not want either of those things…impossible.

To win I’ll need you to email at info (AT) drunkenstepfather.com demanding the prize. Be sure to include pictures, threats, etc….Best mail each day wins.

To Find Out More Visit VIVID.com

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