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Stephanie Mac is my Aussie Girlfriend of the Day


This is my Australian girlfriend who doesn’t have sex with me, who doesnt want to have a Catfish experience with me, where we blindly fly her here to surprise her with a horrible basement apartment we share with my obese wife…it’s like hey hot girl from Australia, leave that beautiful setting, with beautiful people, to enter hell…I promise I’ll do posts on you….

Her name is Stephanie Mac …and like pretty much every Aussie model on instagram…is amazing…Seriously, I follow close to 4,000 random models who aren’t famous models on instagram and the Aussie girls are the ones that speak to my soul the most..

I don’t know why, but maybe it’s a Crocodile Dundee fetish from the 80s I just can’t shake…

Or maybe it’s because these girls just get it, and are just amazing…either way, here’s the first post of many on her, because I’m in love, even if it is one-sided..

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