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Stephanie Rice Hot Swimsuit Pic that’s Causing Controversy of th Day

This ridiculous story hit a couple of days ago, I probably linked it but didn’t bother doing a post on it, cuz swimmer bitches, despite my hatred of fat chicks and my preferring a fit bitch, are built too fucking weird for me….all hipless in Seattle, RIP Nora Ephron….and broad shouldered

But I started seeing people in the media freak out about this Olympic swimmer you’ve probably otherwise never heard posting a pic of her in a fucking bikini….a fucking bikini…and she is a pro swimmer, not fat…what the fuck….

I can only assume people were just digging for an angle, or maybe the Russians are behind it, because it’s not like she posting pics of her with 5 black cocks in her farting cum out of her asshole onto kittens or some shit….It’s just a fucking bikini…..

People are idiots.

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