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The paparazzi are cracking down on me about using their celebrity pictures without paying them, and really I don’t like feeling like I work for those scum, especially since I fucking hate celebrities, so I’ve partnered with a photographer and we’re going to make our own sexy pictures of people who aren’t celebrities, but who are willing to let us take their sexy bikini, lingerie, topless, nude, erotic, obscure pictures…cuz producing my own content is really all I ever wanted to do with the site and ripping off paparazzi pics was just the lazy solution….that’s all gonna change…we are our own paparazzi motherfuckers…

So here’s the first series I like to call woman in her lingerie who you would probably rather see clothed and working the check-out cash at Wal-Mart….

At DrunkenStepfather.com, we don’t like celebrities, so we make our own celebrities….and in case you were wondering, yes, the do make thongs in that size….

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