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Girls LOVE Jimmy Jane of the Day

Apparently, a lot of dudes are threatened by sex toys. More than one girl has told me that their boyfriends don’t allow sex toys in the bedroom, because they feel they challenge their manhood, and that they should be the key to any fake orgasm…which is insane…

But if you are like me, you fucking love sex toys…because no only are they fun to use, they take any pressure off you to get a girl off, and allow you to trick girls into thinking you’re a great lover, without them realizing, that it’s has nothing really to do with you, you just happen to be there.

You see, a primed and ready girl who has either just had an orgasm or is about to have an orgasm, is far more fun to have sex with, and she’ll usually leave you wanting to come back for more…not to mention, when she masturbates and you’re not around, she’ll remember how good it was doin’ it together.

One of the best out there is the HELLO TOUCH Wearable Vibrator by Jimmy Jane….This shit is from the fucking future, you put it on your hand and you can massage a girl better than she’s ever been massaged…

Remember, there’s nothing better than leaving a girl happy, with what she considers a memorable sexual adventure…a doctor doesn’t go into surgery without proper equipment….a tennis player doesn’t hit the court without a racket…a race car driver doesn’t show up to a race without a car…technology is designed to help us be lazy…and get better results…you can’t turn your back on that…

JimmyJane is Offering 20% off their premium futuristic toys Use Coupon Code DSFSUMMER2013 ….Offer ends JULY 31….So get up on it…any girl you use it on will appreciate it, just don’t tell them you’ve used it on other girls, you player you…

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Here are some pics of some girls in panties posing with their awesome JIMMYJANE!!

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some of these pics were found on MeInMyPlace

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