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I am – Back From Vacation But Still Managed to Fuck Up of the Day

Hello everybody who I like to pretend read the site. I am back from not posting in a really long time and I don’t really know what to say. I have lost all ability to type anything that makes any real sense but I think that happened when I first started using a computer. I don’t have a sense of humor anymore but as my family always tell me, I am not funny and never really did.

I would tell you all about my vacation. But I hate and have always hated when people talk about their vacations. One of my least favorite things to do is getting stuck in a living room looking at photo albums of boring vacations people went on while pretending I give a fuck because I want them to give me the same kinda love when I bust out my photo albums or some shit when I go on Vacation. It’s just the way things work and when you’ve seen one vacation, you’ve seen them all. Girls at the beach, drunken good time, lots of scenery and tourist spots with jackasses posing next to them and I’d rather hit up photobucket and search “fart” or “tanlines”.

My other least favorite thing to do is sit in front of a computer writing useless stories about celebrities. Lucky for you, I came home to a broken computer that has no photoshop or any way for me to resize pictures so I have decided that either I turn this shit text based, which will be hell for all of you because without the pictures I am pretty much nothing, or I go out and talk to this drunken cowboy I met a couple years ago who has access to this kind of shit and who will hook me up if I find him someone to suck his dick.

I haven’t decided which way I am going to go but I have decided that it’s pretty expected that nothing ever goes smoothly, it is the story of my life and I guess so is this site…so come back later for some updates because I am back.

With Love,

Jesus Martinez

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