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Alana Marie is Naked for Steven Lyon of the Day


Alana Marie is naked and hanging with the people at Treats!, who you may know as the magazine trying to take on Playboy, with parties and hot shoots of hot relatively no name women….or maybe as the magazine funded by the Twins who got “fucked” out of facebook because Zuckerberg stole their idea….or maybe as the people Ryan Seacrest hangs out with in efforts to recruit new girls to have sex with and flaunt his Ryan Seacrest / Dick Clark reincarnate money….or maybe as the people who cast the tits from the Blurred lines video…

Well, they are also the people who put out these pics of Alana Marie…who was probably lured in by the Malubu mansion and sugar baby dreams…and that works for me…as long as she’s getting naked….so much naked everywhere…

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