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Stormy Daniels Stripping Pics of the Day

Stormy Daniels Naked Stripping covered in cash

I once met Stormy Daniels at the AVN awards, years ago when I would leave my house for free vacations to be amongst porn people, she was in the elevator, saw DrunkenStepfather on my nametag, something that generally gets more hate than love, and said that she was a huge fan of the site or something along those lines, like she went out of her way to give me props…like I said..it was years ago when sites had more influence…

SO I consider her a homie, a friend, even though we’ve never communicated since…

But I also consider her a sex worker, which she is, and like all sex workers I know, she loves money, and I know that she’s loving the press from the TRUMP SEX so much, especially at the tail end of her career…riding the press, the coverage, the TV appearances, the publicity…and she’s even making money off it by doing strip tours to meet her pervert fans…

I am all for the cause of outing a creeper pervert president or not…it’s funny to me….and I am all for riding that wave for retirement money…get it…and as desperate as it may seem, because she’s older, it’s pretty hilarious seeing it work for her….Get it girl..That to me is empowering…more than any of these other instagram sluts….this girl is out there getting it.

I don’t know why you’d care to see these pics, you can google her taking it up the ass when she was 25 years younger, but here it is…

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Stormy Daniels is Fuckin’ Crazy of the Day

Stormy Daniels beat up her husband because she didn’t like the way he did laundry. Sure, that’s a little high maintenance and crazy of her, but when you marry a pornstar you know you’re dealing with girls who have issues, whether it is because her dad never hugged her enough, or because her dad hugged her too much and by hugged I mean her mouth around his dick, or because they like the attention and are exhibitionists but don’t realize that after doing it long enough it takes a toll on their soul, leaving them broken down and feeling worthless….but the real issue is how much of a fuckin’ pussy this husband is for calling the cops on her, obviously a publicity stunt, because everyone I know who gets lip from their prostitute wives, bunch the bitch in the jaw and go about their fuckin’ day, they don’t go crying to the police, even like little molested girls have more fuckin’ balls then this motherfucker cuz they usually keep their mouths shut.This kind of bullshit is totally expected from Tampa Florida Porn Trash….and on a side note, I think she probably should have beat up her Plastic Surgeon for givin her such shitty fake tits..they look like throwbacks to what fake tits looked like when they were first invented.. she is some sloppy lookin’ piece of shit….

Here are some pics of her….

Story Via The News, Stormy Daniels’ Trashy Home and TheSmokingGun

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