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stepGIRL Miss Jessie Lee by Ryan Dwyer of the Day


Her name is @JessieLeeEdwards she is not only from Instagram, but also from Australia.

These are pictures by a man who goes by the name of @ryandwyerphoto…who is a pretty accomplished photographer….but who more importantly spent the day with this @JessieLeeEdwards pile of amazing…and I am not just saying that because I have watched her on the stepGIRLS snapchat..I am saying that because historically Australians are cool, down to party and hot…they are laid back, are into casual sex if is a good time…and more importantly have a sense of humor and like to fuck with us…because hell, it’s better than being on a rock with a bunch of ex prisoners dropped off there in exile…forced to drink, crocodile dundee, and whtever else is famous from Australia…

So here are those pics to warm up your shitty life…

via letshoot.com

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