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Single Mom Sexy Dance For Her Kids of the Day

I am sure chicks do this on purpose because the shit gets more play than when they don’t film themselves doing their stripper routine with their kids in the fucking room, holding the camera badly, and watching momma show off how she pays for all those bags of chips, take-out and the widescreen TV. It’s inappropriately amazing and I wish the single mom’s pulled this shit at the strip club, you know breast feeding their needy kids between stage dances, so you really know where your 10 dollars is going….In her defense, I’ve seen Jamaican dancehall dancing, and maybe being half naked and simulating sex is a cultural thing, I ain’t judgin, I’m just wishing my momma did this kinda thing for me when I was growin’ up, cuz I am a pervert and because I always wanted to be an internet video supporting actor.

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