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Shauna Sand and Her Whore Heels at the Beach of the Day

There’s a public pool near my house where families go to get wet during hot summer days and I always see this one chick who I am convinced is a stripper, or was a stripper in her prime. She always walks in with the skimpiest shit on, showing off her fake tacky tits with her half-black baby and she always has a pair of heels on to make her ass look perkier, her legs look longer and thinner and to give the older dudes who happen to be their reason to cheat on their wives with her. She’s clearly on some kind of mission to find love with a man with cash so that she can give her daughter the life she deserves like private school and clothes that aren’t cheap stripper shit she’s forced to share with her mother and her plan hasn’t fully worked out for her, but I am confident that a divorcee who is there one Saturday he’s forced by the court to hang out with his kids while his ex wife has his old house to herself to fuck random dudes in all day long, will fall for her game, and maybe one day he will save her from her poor slut life and take her to the beach on an all inclusive vacation to see if she can actually manage her high heeled whore strut in the sand like she was Shauna Sand….a name that is fitting because, like Jesus walks on water, this bitch can walk on anything as long as she has a pair of her magic whore shoes on to carry her through it. Enjoy.

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