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Pole Dancing Doll for Kids of the Day

Here’s a publicity stunt that I don’t think is all that bad of an idea. Some dude came out with the pole dance doll for kids and it’s obviously a fuckin’ joke to get people to check out his company or for adults to send to each other because no parent would buy this for their kids even though some of them should.
The way I see it, stripping is a good “university of life”. It teaches girls what guys really care about about how to manipulate that and make money giving them a taste of what they want.

So welfare families who already know their kids will have little to no opportunity, because they have little to offer their kids, in regards to having a better life or better future, just need to be realisitic and say “maybe finishing high school isn’t for you, when you are at your prime and could be making more money than you’ll ever make anywhere”, instead of giving them the “normal” life and letting girls come to their own conclusion when depsaration hits and they are no longer 18.

If you were to embrace their future for them and introduce them to the concept, they could seriously rise to the top of the sex trade, instead of secretly do it shamefully cuz they feel they have no other option. Shit is a legit career and really should be taught in some schools, maybe even as a gym class cuz I think it’s the greatest fallback plan…..

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