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Vanessa Hudgens Struggles in Stupid Heels of the Day

I have a thing for short legged bitches wearing the most ridiculous heels to try to make their anatomy seem like it’s long and lean…It’s the only tool they have to compensate for their short comings, because there is no surgery for leg lengthening and bitches are stuck with what’s they’ve been given and there’s no hiding from that….this is the only fuckin’ way to compensate, but as time goes on and long thin legs become more and more important, it seems like the heels get higher and higher until they reach the Vanessa Hudgens level of circus performing as she struggles down the stairs and the whole thing is funny enough for me. and possibly erotic to those of you who like watching your neighbor’s teen daughters play dress up in their backyard walking down their imaginary runway in their mom’s heels all awkward and shit….she should just stick to talking pictures of her overgrown pubic hair for her boyfriends like she did last year, that was her peak….

Pics via Bauer

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