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Dania Ramirez’s Strut in Heels of the Day

Here’s Dania Ramirez leaving the set of Kimmel last week strutting in her high heels like some kind of street worker and it turns out that that’s all it takes for me to post on her.
I had no idea who she was but it turns out she’s some poor Dominican girl who moved to New York when she was 10, who somehow became an actor and I think she’s hot and so do the people who cast her in Sopranos, Heroes and the movie I doubt anyone saw called Quarantine. Maybe my only draw to her is the stories I have heard from people I know who have gone to the Dominican on vacation and who had the opportunity to pay a local to have sex with them, despite being advised not to due to the whole AIDS thing and who said that at the time, these girls were so crazy in bed, the last thing that crossed their mind was dying from the experience, and if they did contract a terminal illness from it and had to be put in Quarantine from pussy for the rest of their terminally ill life, it would have been worth it, so seeing an Americanized version of one is exciting, even though you know that she’s not fucking for money or AIDSed-up because she’s not desperate and hungry anymore, which I guess is one of immigrations biggest tragedies….

Here’s the Dania Ramirez Interview on Kimmel…..since you haven’t seen it, don’t feel bad, Kimmel’s viewership of 10 guys who fell asleep with the TV on didn’t see it either.

Danial Ramirez at the Quarantine Premiere 10 days ago…..

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