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Katie Price is Subtle of the Day

Katie Price is known as a subtle bitch, so delicate, so demure in her everyday life. The kind of woman who so classy and so well put together and understated that when she gets annoyed of the paparazzi, you’d expect her to be screaming in some drunken rage, her make-up dripping off her face with a handful of her feces ready to throw at the motherfucker, before beating the fuck out of him with her platform shoe and takinga piss on the motherfucker’s face after sliding her dirty trashy panties to the side, only to get turned the fuck on and shoving his dick in her ass while jerking herself off, before leaving herpe scabs and AIDS remnants in his pubic hair…..but instead, she’s giving the finger the way you’d expect a 12 year old to give his mom the finger…unless that kid is in Katie Price’s home, where giving mom the finger takes on new meaning….and I guess all this is a glimpse into where Harvey, her retard baby, got his intelligence from..

Pics via INF

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