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Kim Kardashian Sucking Candy Cuz She’s Fat of the Day

I never understood why people get off to sitting on a bench in the park and watching girls sucking popsicles, or standing outside an ice cream shop loving watching girls eating ice cream and having it drip down her chin, or even hanging out in candy shops trying to help girls chose the lollipop over Sour Kids…it’s actually fucking creepy….but not as creepy as girls who try to play things up for the camera to simulate dick sucking, but in Kim Kardashian’s defense, she’s just a fat bitch who needs her sugar fix and she’s trying to mask it by being as erotic as she can which in her case comes easy cuz she finds food erotic to begin with cuz that’s what fat does to you, kinda like whenever I buy day old pastries from the bakery and I shove shit in my pants cuz I’m embarrassed by my weakness to food, only to get hard and cum in the shit all while lookin’ like I have a substantial cock, if you know what I mean….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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