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Suki Alice Tits for Some Fashion Bullshit of the Day

Here is an aspiring model who looks like she may be a hipster trying to make it…cuz being a model allows her to continue her hipster lifestyle of late night coke binges and sleeping all day, except for the once a week she needs to get paid 10,000 dollars to get half naked….and luckily her photographer friend let her know that she can’t wait for the 10,000 jobs to get half naked, she’s gotta get half naked now to get those jobs, you know to stand out amongst the rest of the aspiring models, and since getting naked is part of her hipster lifestyle, she had no problem with that, even though when you scrap it down to the core, she’s nothing more than a stripper or porn model without the dick…making her good enough for me…cuz I won’t be happy until the world is filled with bitches who except their roles as common whores…and I won’t sleep until that happens….or maybe I will…because I think it already has…

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