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Pornstar Sunny Leone in FHM India of the Day

Fat and dumpy….Sunny Leone is shitting on her Indian culture, kinda like she shat on her parents upbringing when she decided to go into porn….

A suprise to most people is that I fucking hate porn and pornstars, I have 3000 pornos in my house that I’ve never even opened. I am into everyday whores…it is hotter when they behave that way for free because daddy issues aren’t a bad thing…it’s just tacky when you make them your profession…..See cuz I don’t mind girls who look like pornstars….if anything I don’t mind girls who look like anything…so long as they have the vagina…and so long as they aren’t pornstars….because being a pornstar is brainless boring and they generally have shitty attitudes….false sense of celebrity…

The only girls I love who happen to be in porn are Asa Akira and Kayden Kross….because we connect on a spiritual level….

While this Sunny leone is fucking garbage….well past her prime…and now in FHM India….making moves into mainstream fame in India…because having a billion fans can be far more lucrative and rewarding than you jerking off to her yet again…..

Speaking of jerking off to her – HERE ARE SOME OF HER PORN CLIPS

If that wasn’t good enough for you…. HERE ARE SOME OF HER PORN CLIPS

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