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Kylie Minogue is a Survivor of the Day

The good thing about Kylie Minogue is not that she survived breast cancer, it is that she didn’t get Vagina cancer, because a woman is still a woman if she has her sex organs intact, whether she’s had to have her breasts removed or not. See a lot of these breast cancer survivors get depressed, at least according the support group I tried to join because I figured it’s be a good place to meet a future wife. The act like they lost their femininity, their womanhood, but really, as long as they’ve got a functioning pussy, they’re all the woman I need and I’m sure even if she did have Vagina cancer, we’d figure out a way to make it work so that it doesn’t feel too gay, because Kylie is lookin good in her post-cancer old age….cuz she’s a fucking survivor….a survivor with a vagina…and I love vagina….

Pics via Bauer

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