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Susann Lucci Old Shitty Fake Tits of the Day

There are so many similarities between pornstars and soap stars….

1- Bad Acting
2- Bad Plastic Surgery
3- Shitty Storylines
4- Masturbating fans
5- Comes with certain level of shame, soul selling in exchange for a paycheck…

enough of this you get what I’m saying….and that’s that I am bad at lists…

What I’m trying to say is that Soap Operas are erotica for fat women who don’t work. The women on the shit always look like botox, fake titty, fake tan, fake hair you’d expect to find on sex workers…the storyline is usually garbage, the acting even worse, and the whole thing is to get people to cum….cuz that keeps them coming back….

So seeing Susan Lucci pushing up them titties, is kinda like watching a veteran vagina spread her tired, beat up pussy, for her adoring fans who just can’t let go, to have one more go at themselves while thinking about her…and I figure all post these final moments of Susan Lucci’s sex appeal, cuz modern science and her plastic surgeon, have tried all the tricks to keep her as eternal as the shows she’s been on….shows that I admittedly have tried jerking off to…cuz like I said…I like to pretend I’m a housewife when I role play with myself sometimes…no wait I didn’t say that…oh fuck I just did….I hate when I do that. So embarrassing…

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