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Svetlana Lazareva in her Cheap Monday Jeans of the Day

Since I am officially a fashion site now. I figure part of my responsibility to you is to introduce you to lesser known models who happen to have a name that everyone I know uses when mocking hot immigrant pussy…especially when they are pulling some pretty pornographic shots that aren’t pornographic cuz they are shot to indirectly promote some jeans company called Cheap Monday…cuz fashion is pornographic, it just the more socially acceptable variety that doesn’t involve penetration, but still features women getting paid to do virtually nothing half naked, just cuz people like the look of them and the fact that they are willing to get down to a variety of nakedness.

Either way, remember this is a Fashion site….I don’t want you guys to get the wrong idea and ruin my chances at Privat Islands and Rolls Royces and Villas in the Mediterranean and whatever else it is that fashion people do.

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