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Hayden Panettiere Sweating in Tights of the Day

Hayden Panettiere tucked her package in a pair of tights and went for what looks like a jog with her dog. Bitch is all sweaty and I figured you’d like that because you can imagine her lookin’ like this after giving her the best blow job of her life. That fantasy doesn’t make you gay, I mean it’s not like this shit will ever go down and become a reality and even if it did, you are not alone. I read somewhere that a huge percentage of straight dudes like chicks with dicks, so wanting to fuck football player lookin’ midget chicks with dicks isn’t that much of a stretch. I mean, if she’s got tits and an asshole and a female lookin’ face, she’s 75% woman and 75% is pretty much better than I’ve ever been at anything, so I guess it’s all ok, but then again, I’m not that good with numbers and I think the whole penis thing destroys my theory, but who really cares, just watch this graceful bull in action….

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