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Beyonce’s Sweet Dream’s Video of the Day

Going to bed drunk at 7 am has its benefits, like sleeping until noon while all you other assholes are at the office slaving away to make your mortgage and car payments, or even to pay for your unappreciative kid’s summer camp all his friends are going to, if you’re the kind of guy dumb enough to knock up the only person willing to fuck you so that you will never be alone.

Watching Beyonce videos has its benefits when waking up at noon after going to bed at 7 am drunk and that’s to ensure I lose my erection and get myself on track. I know she is trying to be sexy, but they should use this shit to cure sex offenders instead of castration, because no matter what she does, there’s nothing hot about her, but we should give her some love for trying to crump despite her obvious lack of physical fitness. Just this morning on my way home I saw at least 10 fat people working out and thought, shit, that’s some persistence.

Watch it.

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