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Taylor Bagley, Sydney Roper & Terra Jo Wallace Nude of the Day

Taylor Bagley, Sydney Roper & Terra Jo Wallace are three girls you and your INSTAGRAMTHOT CRUSADERS can report to the IRS.

I feel like I’ve posed these Playboy girls in these pictures before, but I am too lazy to look into the archives…where I probably said the same thing I am saying now….and that is that Playboy is a good place for all these LA models on instagram trying to make it come to to elevate their status to get older rich guys who still know what Playboy is to fuck them and pay their rent….

You know living that good life, yet being people you’ve never heard of….cuz rich dudes in LA are perverts…

So Taylor Bagley who is some babe you’ve straight from the mean streets of Oklahoma….like other important people who moved to LA before her including but not limited to Blake Shelton…she’s probably from some white racist corn farm Oklahoma…where she played up the whole Farmer’s daughter thing to her advantage as part of her stripper routine, you know before becoming an LA Escort we can assume sue is, all because she decided she was hot enough to be a model and actress, and like the pioneers in the DUSTBOWL before her, carted her way to the promised land….but not before being jerked off on by local cowboys…school teachers, friends of the family, and family, coaches…bosses….stripclub owners…her trailer park neighbors…I don’t know if any of this is true…but it could be and that is good enough for me…

Then there is Sydney Roper, who has some Three’s Company name, and could very well be Mister Roper’s grand daughter, assuming TV is real and Mr Roper wasn’t just some fake fucking name used to LIE to the public with storylines they ran ads against….and if she was a Roper, she’d likely be from Santa Monica…an official native to the land of whores, and not an import….incredible…but whatever her story is, she’s out there struggling to be seen on social media, posting half naked shit as these women do and it’s almost boring…

Then here is Terra Jo, who I don’t know anything about, but she sounds like some hick that Taylor Bagley brought with her along for the ride, maybe they met on their whore pilgrimage from the middle of the country, you know turning tricks and adventuring together, making some kind of pact to never do shoots apart because they were together in the same cattle car and know the struggle and share a dream….

Who cares really…they all look good…tits out like the classy do.

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Terra Jo Wallace, Taylor Bagley and Sydney Roper for Dead Hefner’s Mag of the Day

Terra Jo Wallace, Taylor Bagley and Sydney Roper Nude

Terra Jo Wallace once wrote:

Terra Jo Wallace is the name

I have many ways of expressing myself, modeling is one of them. It also happens to be my job and I love it! I am only on MM for testing purposes. Sometimes when Im working, I lose a little freedom with expressing myself for my job is to sell whatever it is the client is selling.. Thats why Im here. To be able to collaborate with new people who have new ideas! As you know, it is hard to keep up with every site. I am not on MM all that much as traveling limits my use for this site and I rarely find enough time to test. So please know that if I do not get back to you that it is not personal! I just may not be able to shoot at this time and as I try to get back to everyone, messages unfortunately are easily overlooked. I try to keep this page updated as much as possible. My photos are rarely updated, so make sure to check out my blog for further photos & updates!


Taylor Bagley is some babe you’ve never heard of but she’s straight from the slums of Oklahoma….or maybe she’s from a white bread farm in Oklahoma…who’s to really know…because she moved to LA to be a model and actress, because I guess she found herself hot and talented enough after all the attention she got from the local cowboys…school teachers, coaches and other men in positions of power who we can assume touched her like they touch all girls…

Sydney Roper has some Three’s Company name and I guess is another one of these girls trying to make it in LA so they did Playboy, because Playboy has some kitch factor, novelty factor, fuck Hugh Hefner without Fucking Hugh Hefner cuz he’s dead.

Just girls trying to go viral with their tits, and they’ve all been at it for a while, it’s the lazy LA way…

Well here they are doing it…and Playboy is loving it because they love Instagram shoots, and even though you can see all this on Instagram these days, it still happened and its hot…

I support new talent trying to make it, these girls are hot and looking like they are just a good Coachella barely working but have rich boyfriends good time…

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