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Some Sluts I’ve Never Heard of in Lingerie of the Day

Here are some no name stripper trash posing in lingerie. Their names are Lyzabeth Lopez, Tabitha Taylor and Jennifer Lyons and I find them disgusting. Maybe it’s cuz I expect more out of sluts these days. Maybe I’ve gone to too many stripclubs. Maybe I’m bored of this hustle, Maybe it’s just too obvious…

But for some reason the paparazzi released these pics and that reason that general dudes think this kind of thing is hot…but not us desensitized dudes who have seen this kind of slut so many times before…but I’m posting the pics anyway.

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Tabitha Taylor’s Fat Fake Tits of the Day

Who the fuck is Tabitha Taylor and what the fuck did she do to her tits….I am really not understanding what is going on here, but I do know that after doing extensive research on the bitch, I have discovered that she has done absolutely nothing in her career in entertainment, meaning she’s only getting pictures taken of her for having big fake tits, more reason to inspire girls to drop out of school, get a part time job, and buy themselves some titties for their 18th birthday, cuz shit will make you money, a far better investment than investing in the stockmarket….

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