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Tamara Weijenberg for Marie Claire Spain of the Day

Tamara Weijenberg is a model and she is in Marie Claire Spain… I don’t know anything about her, from what I have found out with my extensive research…she’s from Amsterdam, she’s tall as fuck, and she poses in bikini bottoms, which apparently, is totally enough for me to think she is relevant enough to promote for free…

I mean this bitch isn’t’ even going to tweet me a thank you, or email me a thank you for helping put her out there. There will be no gift basket, no love letters, no invitation to her fucking birthday party…she won’t bake me a cake, or send me a pic of asshole, it’s all fucking take take take with these fame whore bitches…well one day…some dude will take what he wants from them….and that person won’t be me, because I won’t remember who this Tamara chick is in 5 minutes and I have better things to do with her…like nap.

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