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Seren Gibson and Tamsin in Front UK of the Day

I make fun of tacky, trashy Glamour models all the time, not because I don’t like what they do, you know modeling them titties, but because they are cheesy as fuck. You know like strippers at an after hours party, showing off their stupid tits, while high on MDMA, flashing their panties, with a bunch of dudes on steroids. You know, just garbage…

But it seems like Front UK has figured it out, they get regular looking girls, just like ALTERNATIVE chicks who look like they drink pitchers of beer, posing in band shirts, with a certain element of realness to it…rather than Glamour shoots, this shit is just hot topless with everyday girls, and I appreciate that, because the “Glamour” part of “Glamour” models is a fucking joke, let’s keep things true to their core, girls showing tits, that’s all we need.

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