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Tan Line Thursday of the Day

Nothing says summer like some girls with Tan Lines, I’ve known about the Tan Line fetish for a long time, I assume it is because it is like putting a highlighter on where “clothing” is supposed to be…and some dudes just can’t handle that…which means there’s a market for tan line selfies….and luckily we live in a era of “WOKE” and “Annoying” whores who don’t think they are whores but think they are sex positive warriors that are progressive, edgy, interesting and on trend if they work as sex workers….middle of the road suburban girls who would have worked as tennis instructors, camp councillors, at the local ice cream shop….ALL selling nudes in some attempt to fight the misogynist world trying to intellectualize the sex work…despite being idiots….to make money off their nudes and those misogynists….

Here are a bunch of girls showing off their tan lines…

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