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Hayden Panettiere is a Tank With Weird Cleavage of the Day

There’s really nothing more that I can say about Hayden Panettiere because I’ve already said it all. I’ve compared her to a moving van and the men who move, to construction equipment, to football players, to midget wrestlers, to a bus, to a fridge and I the entire time, I never found her hot, or understood why people do.

She’s stumpy, she’s muscular, she doesn’t have a hot ass, or even a pretty face or tits and she’s more of a freakshow than something I want to get up inside. But after watching the Olympics in hopes of seeing some hot Athlete ass, I realized that I was wrong in saying she was training to be a weightlifter, or one of the Mascots for some obscure country where juggling midget gypsies are part of their heritage, but she is more like a Gymnast who’s been on growth hormones all her life making her look like a triangular, wide shouldered tank the size of a 10 year old that knows how to flip and do the splits, and I know realize that sport was Hayden’s calling before getting all caught up in this Hollywood shit….

On a side note, Hayden’s Dad was arrested for punching her mom and since Spousal abuse is encouraged here, especially if your wife produces shitty offspring for you, I decided to link the story….

Either way, here she is performing at some Net Flix event lookin’ like a dominatrix…..

And here she is showin’ off her pecs the next day….

And here are some pictures to honor Hayden’s build and failed dreams of being an Olympic Gymnast, while giving you and your midget/ pedophile dreams something to jerk off to, with some pics of some Team USA Gymnastics Shit….

Alicia Sacramone

Natasia Liukin

Shawn Johnson

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