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Tanning Mom Topless of the Day

Tanning Mom is just another pile of shit human who happened to get famous for being a low level, horrible parent, that I guess the tabloids got a hard on for, and exploited her enough to make her a known personality for a solid minute…a minute that she’s still trying to make last as long as fucking possible because here she is topless on the beach in staged pictures that should have never happened, but aren’t the first time they happened, cuz there comes a point in every pigs life where they pull whatever tricks they can to keep their celebrity alive…low fucking level..but be happy it isn’t a sex tape, even though I am not happy it is not a sex tape, because a sex tape starring this monster, would be fucking amazing to watch…

It is safe to say, based on these pics, that a sex tape is not too far from actually happening…it’s just the natural, progression of a bottom feeder, and I am very eager to see her loose fitting stomach jiggle while it fucks.

Fingers crossed.


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Tanning Mom’s Topless Bikini Pics of the Day

Tanning Mom Topless At the Beach in a Bikini Bottom

Well, it turns out that Tanning mom, who you may remember as the cunt who takes her kid tanning, has brought her leathery mass out to the beach where she paraded around topless, thanks to the simple taste of fame she’s trying to keep going as long as she can…

It also turns out that her tits are as bad as her body and her body is as bad as her skin and as bad as her aging which is as bad as her parenting….what a cunt….a cunt I wish was also included in these pics, because there’s something about backed meats I can fuck that just excite me.

Enjoy…the 3 pics my man Foetus found…that the paparazzi doesn’t want you to see until they get their big payout for them…even though gutter trash tits shouldn’t be a hot commodity ever.

I don’t know if she’s hit rock bottom or looking at these is rock bottom. I just know that I’ve fucked women who look like this but with less teeth too many times to admit and that depresses me more than this woman’s life should depress her.

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Tanning Mom Is a Serious Turn On of the Day

This tanning bitch is porn to me….I don’t know why…maybe it is because I like clown looking bitches who put their daughter’s life in jeopardy all in the name of a good healthy complexion….one that makes a 30 year old look like a dried up leather boot….she’s just trying to instill important values into her girl…like that no one likes a pasty bitch…and really the tanning salon is to blame…becuase as far as I’m concerned, this dried up, leathery face, just looks experienced at well traveled…like she’s been lost at sea for a few months….an expert at a life we just don’t understand…and when looking at her and her white lipstick…I just can’t help but wonder what her pussy looks like….

Tanning mom is my new addiction. She needs her own reality show…


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