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Tanya Ilieva Tits for Fashion of the Day

I don’t know who this bitch is but I do know that she’s doing something right in her effort to get noticed…and that is showing off tit and pretending it is for a fashion gig…so that it looks like she is a model ready to be molded by a photographer to represent his art…when really she ain’t nothin’ but a whore willing to get naked for money…but no one wants to admit they are that, so whoever figured out how to trick dumb slutty bitches into getting naked for “art” is a fuckin’ genius…cuz whenever I try to get girls naked for me for jerking off purposes they always say no, but when I tell them it is to inspire my art of semen abstract on my belly…I can tell they actually consider for a second…before realizing what I am getting at…

Eithr way, this is a pretty hot photoshoot for some fashion magazine…and I’m glad Tanya Ilieva pulled through, cuz without her tits, these pics would suck.

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