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Juno Temple and Tara Holt Have a Message for You of the Day

Here is a clip from a movie that is already out on DVD called Small Apartment, that I have never heard of, but that stars Juno Temple and Tara Holt. Based on this clip, they live together, have a peeper, and put on a show for him, letting them know they are onto him.

As a peeper, I feel this is so unrealistic, because everytime I’ve been caught staring into apartments the girls go nuts and call the police, especially when I climb their fire-escape to do it.

The idea of a girl getting off to being watched, is strictly for the porn movies and I guess mainstream movies, cuz girls say they like being watched, but they don’t actually mean it, cuz when it happens, all I hear is screams and panic.

That said, I think we can all appreciate this clip from the movie.

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