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Tara Lynn Ventura Tits of the Day

Tara Lynn Ventura is in playboy

Tara Lynn Ventura is some aspiring instagram slut who has already shot for the new Playboy which means with nipples and not spread pussy lip….as new Playboy is trying to be classy, you know the place to see the pics you see on instagram, without a donut emoji or star emoji on the tit…a share for share site with a brand name and I’m not hating, hell I’d sell to Playboy iff they’d buy me…make me that money so I can drink myself to death in Vegas or maybe Hurricane Irma with the CUBANS and coke dealers and fags of South Beach….but no one wants me…not Tara Lynn the famewhore getting naked for attention cuz she has a fat ass….not anyone…but I can still stare at her “just another one of these insta whores” body….and I will..

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