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UK Big Broher Tashie Jackson Sex Tape of the Day

So some no name from UK Big Brother has released a sex tape, which is only natural because the kind of bitch who would be compelled to do Big Brother…or any reality show for that matter…is the kind who is trying to get famous….and what better way to get famous than to release a sex tape…I mean it worked for Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton, didn’t it?

What these low level sluts don’t get is that the world is so porn saturated that we don’t care if any bitch fucks on camera…we’re desensitized….especially when the bitch fucking on camera has to rub herself to get wet after sucking a dudes dick…we like a bitch to be wet at all times….at least in our sex tapes…cuz I’m the king of making bitches dry…within 10 seconds of them realizing what they are doing…

They also don’t realize that Kim Kardashian was working with the top publicist in hollywood to get her interviews, coverage, etc when her tape hit…it was a bigger plan…

It wasn’t just a bitch fucking a black dude awkward and like we all fuck at home….

Who cares…just watch the sex tape cuz it’s out there….and wait til the part she says “You Filled Me Up”…cuz bitch didn’t even have the decency to take a load on her face for her big porn debut…what a cunt…

I guess her strategy worked cuz before today…I had no idea who she was….


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