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Tati Neves is the Hooker who Filmed Bieber of the Day

Tati Neves is apparently the fame whore who will be offered a sex tape because she’s a hooker and she’s famous, at least for a minute…cuz she trolled Bieber when he was in the brothel she worked at by posting a video of him that I was the first to post but no one noticed because I am irrelevant in the grand scheme of the gossip world…even though I have my finger on the pulse of pop culture…/finger i this dead hookers vagina…looking for a pulse…if you know what I mean…and that is that she is Brazilian hooker, which means she’s probably got a dick, cuz those are the only hookers anyone pays to fuck in Brazil…that’s a fact…and if she’s not a dude, her troll like figure…and decent round Brazilian ass…is tranny enough for me to believe in the power of tucked testicles….

Unless we’re all wrong and this is the OG shit….

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