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Tatiana Platon Naked Model of the Day


Tatiana Platon – is a model with a dream of being a Jazz singer with a WEBSITE that I think may be a parody video – since she has a pretty rough accent when she sings in english….you know a joke of some sort to give her a comedic angle to her modeling to stand out amongst the crowd…

If she’s a singer, then she’s got a skill! Well, the above comedy video was released over a year ago, so it’s safe to say that didn’t work out for her – with it’s 3000 views when I posted it, so she did the smart thing and got naked for a photographer to show off what is actually good about her, what she should focus on, and what she should try to take VIRAL and not in a herpes because condoms are uncomfortable viral…I mean viral like a bane with an accent in movies…just anything that doesn’t include her singing…it is so fucking bad…almost bad enough to not fuck her if she insisted on singing the entire time…nothing a little choking her out in subtle bondage won’t fix…

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