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Tattoo Artist Underage Sex Scheme of the Day

This tattoo artist had the right idea….He knew teenage girls liked tattoos but that getting tattoos is illegal without parental consent and most parents are too stuffy and uptight to let their daughter’s get the White Power tattoos they saw on TMZ that lured Jesse James in and made some whore famous…..So he decided to make a fucking deal…..and that deal was if they give him sex, he’ll give them a tattoo and everyone is happy….until you get caught….The whole thing would have been pretty genius if the motherfucker wasn’t a tattoo artist and was instead trading things that you can’t trace back to a motherfucker cuz you know a girl who will have sex for something, usually means she wants it bad and usually plans on showing it off, and eventually their parents will see it and their friends will ask where they got it and the truth will come out, but I guess it was worth it for the motherfucker, because now he’ll have the memories of banging little whores while he’s getting banged in prison….

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