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16 Year Old Fucks His Teacher of the Day

School wasn’t this fun when I was a kid. People were not fucking the teachers and if they were, none of us knew anything about it cuz you know dirty pedophile men and love getting work in the school system whether it is as a volunteer or a bus driver or fuckin’ janitor. I do know that nd if there was no bragging about fucking any female teachers and everyone knows that if shit went down, there would be a hell of a lot of bragging, which brings me to my next question, why the fuck would any teacher in their right mind fuck a teenage boy, the second dude came it probably went on blast. You know a press release issued and sketches drawn, cuz that’s what teenage boys do.

Worst of all this bitch who couldn’t contain her dirty little pussy and had to jump his teenage dick used a condom, everyone knows 16 year olds can’t give you aids, it’s like proven by science or some shit, instead she left the wrapper on the ground and that shit is being used against her in court, because fucking a 16 year old is a crime in this culture, repressing us and making us do bad things, when back in the day girls were getting knocked up at 14 and parent’s weren’t whining about the shit, they were wrapping up their cow as a fuckin dowry.

Either way, good story for the 16 year old, he got all the press he wanted and now we all know he’s not a virgin, shitty story for a woman just trying to do a kid a favor….

This story hit MONTHS ago, but this is some coverage of the trial.

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