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I am – Ted Nugent is a Fucking Nut of the Day

I’m pretty much used to drunk fucking assholes, since I wake up to one passed out in our living room everyday, but that doesn’t mean my tolerance for them is any better.

I’ve seen Ted Nugent on the show Supergroup on MTV while at my friend’s houses. The first thing I do when I go to any of my friends houses (after raiding their fridge for anything edible of course) is turn on the TV. It’s one of those small things they tend to take for granted, like doors that lock and toilet paper.

He seemed like a washed up hack completely stuck on the fact that he had one big hit called Cat Scratch Fever and like the world of music owed his one hit wonder ass something. He seemed like an asshole, and this video proves it.

Here is he is on stage at a show, waving rifles around in the air, and calling Presidential Candidate Barack Obama a “piece of shit” and a “worthless bitch”, among other things.

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Marie-Eve Martinez

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